Easter holiday – Day 11

Today is going to be another day at home. This is good because it gives me the opportunity to work on things on my list. I have written my letter to my great aunt, I am behind on writing my fanfiction, although I have decided to try to write a new one (I am hoping the main plot points with come to me!!). I am halfway ish through my book – I am finding it  little hard going at the moment. I should probably have not picked a book that I have seen the film of. As for the rest of the stuff on my list:

  1. Start another fan fiction (am so dry on ideas though!) – Going to do today
  2. Write  letter to my Aunt and send updated pictures of the children – done
  3. Visit the deep at Hull – will do tomorrow
  4. Take the children to see Boss Baby at the cinema – done
  5. Go swimming – not done and probably won’t happen :/ that being said, I don’t think they’ve missed out.
  6. Start prepping for Christmas (I know, I know – but I have to be prepared for a late break up in December!) – not done yet, but will definitely do this!
  7. Blog frequently. – am on it!
  8. Go to the park –not done this either, but then the children have played out in out own garden such a lot.
  9. Sort the garden – done
  10. Read a book – doing it

So the red stuff is stuff I am in the process of doing or haven’t done yet. The green are the things I have done. I also wasn’t to add

a. paper cutting

b. pointless book / wreck this journal

c. bullet journalling

Today, I plan on doing a little fan fictioning, reading some more of my book, doing some of my additional list and generally keeping on top of the house. I have to say, I have done the lion share of the house work this holiday and I am beginning to feel a little aggrieved, particularly as when I have asked hubby to do stuff, like make the children’s lunch, it has been accompanied by a deep sigh. Next holiday, I definitely need to factor in a day for myself!


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