Busy day

I’ve had a busy day today. Mother-in-law said that she would look after the children, which has been great because that means they have had a day playing outside in a large  garden and I had a day where they have given me some peace! I love my children dearly, but I am the one that they go to for everything! Sometimes a little respite is required.

Hubby and I, at first unsure of what to do today, spent a short while getting the house shipshape. It isn’t perfect, but it’s getting there. I just would like to be able to get rid of the smell of cat wee as my cat has weed all over the bathroom floor and even cleaning it hasn’t stopped it from smelling. 

We then went into my school, where I sorted the tables out in my class room. This is so that, hopefully, when I go back for the final half term the children will be in better seats so as to behave themselves.  One can only hope.

We then went to a little farm shop and cafe where, after remortgaging the house, we were able to afford a slice of cake each and a smoothie. I aspire to be able to have lunch in places like that and do my weekly shopping in places like that. Unfortunately I don’t think it will ever happen!

We then came home and caught up on TV that we have missed. Hubby played a little bit of his game and I did some work. We then cleaned out the car before going and collecting the children and taking them  to Frankie & Benny’s for tea. I do like Frankie & Benny’s however the service isn’t always brilliant. Tonight it took them an hour from taking our order for mains to arrive. Shouldn’t complain though because it was delicious!


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