A long weekend

This has been a long weekend. I don’t think I’m complaining but…

I am on the countdown to the summer holiday’s. There are 29 more working days until that glorious moment. I am, however, winding down on the school stuff of a weekend but there still seems so much to do at school. I think this is because we are getting close to the data capture date and therefore it is making sure that the children have enough evidence of being at expectations (or not). In fact, I have writing moderation tomorrow, which is handy because I shall be doing this at a primary school near me and this means I get to take the children to school and have a bit of a lie in. I just hope it goes OK! I do have report writing to do, but I cannot really do any until the data capture!

The rest of the stuff that I have to do at school are all things that are happening throughout the day, things such as transition days tot heir new schools, transition meetings from their new school, play rehearsals, school trips… it seems endless.

As I have not had much to do, it has felt like this weekend has lasted forever. I have so many ideas and plans running through my mind. I am so concerned about making sure that the summer holiday is a good one that I may end up not having a good summer holiday because of it!

One thing I am very keen on doing is making sure that I have enough money to make sure that we can do fun things in the summer. We aren’t necessarily going away anywhere, so that is why I want to make sure that we have enough money. It doesn’t help that hubby isn’t particularly keen on doing his hours at work. He will often leave early and that means he does not get a full days pay. If he misses 1 hour every work day, that is 2 hours a week, which would equate to one full day missed every month – that £62 a month, which would be a lot. He has also been getting overtime calls and he isn’t going in and doing anything. We have the potential to have a lot more money than we do and hubby  isn’t pulling his weight.

I feel like I need to write this down and get together some sort of plan for how the summer will go…

  1. I want to get bunk beds for the girls’ bedroom. This will enable there to be more play space and we can better organise the girls’ toys.
  2. I want to organise the whole house – reorganise the stuff in the kitchen and get rid of clutter, do the same for the shoe cupboard, the living room and bedrooms.
  3. I want the house properly cleaned – I am contemplating getting someone in to clean it.
  4. I want the children to have time away from playing on electronics. I am thinking of setting up a list (not to dissimilar to the one below) to ensure that they (and we) don’t spent too long on the computer.


summer fun

5. I want to plan the things that we shall do in the summer holiday. The children, and are, are carrying extra weight (me –  a lot of extra weight!!) and we have entered into so bad eating habits. I want to make sure that we are out and about and doing lots of fun activities.

I shall probably create a new post to list these ideas through.







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