19 more get ups

Until the summer holidays.

Things are definitely on the count down for the summer now. All the data has been completed, although I feel that that one will come back to me as the system we use isn’t particularly good. My reports have been handed in, although again – I may have to add more information; it was quite difficult to write enough.

We are still in limbo as to what year group we are all teaching. There is going to be a last minute appointment at school as we are a member of staff short. The role is a promotion and I toyed with the idea of going for it, but, after some consideration, I have decided that the extra work is not worth the minimal raise increase. I am happy just to make sure I am doing a good job as a class teacher.

This summer holiday, I want to house to be purged! It is an absolute pig sty, mainly because my husband is dedicating more time to playing games than he is to fulfilling his role in the house.


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