Wedding anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. I have been with my husband for 13 years but have only been married for 7 years (today!)

Our wedding was wonderful. It was fairytale themed based on the fact that my dress was called Cinderella and the whole wedding was planned with minute detail; we had document that we called ‘The Wedding Bible’ because it contained everything regarding the wedding, from illustrations about how to set the table to the play list for the disco. I appreciate that this makes me sound like a bridezilla, but I wasn’t pushy or unpleasant with it – I apologised for being so OCD about it all!

Here are a few images…


I did a lot of the stationary myself – made the invites, seating plan card box, menus, place names, favours.

The place settings had two different castle types – one Princess fairy style (think Disney) and the other a fortress type, whilst the menu’s continued the chocolate colour theme.

For the favours, the men had crystal slippers (small miniatures!) to give to their Cinderella’s and the girls got a frog (chocolate) to kiss in order to find their Prince Charming. The guests also got a pumpkin Cinderella carriage candle and the children got an activity pack to keep them amused.


My wedding gift to my husband was a pair of TARDIS cuff links. He is a huge whovian and therefore I thought it was fitting as I was promising to be his constant companion. I also walked into the wedding to a piece of music from Dr Who called Song of Freedom which has a fantastic 45 second introduction before it really starts going, which created quite the build up.


An additional present was to have his wedding ring secretly engraved, reading HEA 31.07.10, which stands for Happily Ever After and the date of our wedding.



30 Day blogging challenge

I thought I would try this challenge for the month of August – although there is 31 days in August! I have posted about it before, but here is with a link to the original post.

august jounralling ideas

Don’t panic!

I have had my first sense of panic that my summer holiday is running out! This is bizarre as there are 36 days left!

I think it is because I have been trying to make plans for various things during the holidays, in order to try an better manage my money. For example, working out on what days to buy the children’s school uniform so my budget will work and then balancing that so that I can get T some presents for his birthday and so that maybe we could get away for a day.  It sucks being on the borderline – I have only been able to afford a summer holiday for my children once, although I should be grateful as some people are in a worse position than me.

I have had two days of sort of milling about, where I haven’t got anything particular planned, so perhaps that’s why it feels like the time is slipping away. I need to make another list!


It’s Friday!

The end of my first working week off. I feel I have been productive this week. The house is again tidy and, other than a small ironing mountain, the laundry is on top of.

I wouldn’t say I have done much today, but I still, nonetheless, feel happy. I have spent time with the children, enjoyed a lovely family meal at a local restaurant and booked Christmas dinner out.

I am now just waiting for my usual Friday night habit of watching pearls with Breckon a fabulously lovely lady who sells beautiful Jewellery along with an oyster opening, live over facebook. It is delightful to watch and had given hubby and I a new circle of friends.


I have continued to keep on top of everything. The washing is down to manageable levels (just waiting for everything to dry because the weather has not been good enough to put the washing outside) and the ironing just needs doing. I have been leaving the ironing to the hubby to do (seriously, he should be doing something – just because I am on holiday from school work shouldn’t mean that I am now in charge of all the house work!).

I have done all the cooking and cleaning up today and I have done some of the things I wanted to. I do need to go through my art supplies still, but I have sorted out Pinterest, although I haven’t found much for what I am looking for (wall displays) except for the style of hair I want. I just hope that I manage to afford it!

I shall sort my art supplies by the end of the evening, so will hopefully have a bit of a crafty day tomorrow.

As well as having a bit of a craft day, we are also going to go out for tea with MIL and hoping to book in at a restaurant for Christmas dinner. This will hopefully begin to get me set up for Christmas – I have had a few dreams about forgetting to get Christmas presents!

What have you done today?

Today, I have tried to be more active, despite staying at home.

I woke up to a lovely surprise. T had got up, got dressed, organised M into getting dressed and tried to dress J (he pit tights on her rather than trousers). He also sorted breakfast for them all before waking me up with a hot chocolate. He told me that he felt I worked incredibly hard and so he wanted to look after me and let me have a lie in. Considering it was 8.30am – that was a lay in!

I have tied my bedroom, sorting out clothes that no longer fit / are too worn to wear and generally putting things away in a good home.

I have made a chocolate cake and I have tried to get on top of the washing. I only have one more full load to do – then the ironing needs to start.

I have also tied up the children’s toys and sorted it so that they have better access to them.

Hubby has tied the shoe cupboard and the top of the cupboards in the kitchen – jobs I prefer not to do because of a) spiders b) I’m too short!

I have also prepared two lovely meals today!

Tomorrow, I am to sort my art supplies and hopefully use them! I might also make some resources for school, such as book labels.

A busy day

Today has been a busy day.

We took the children to the local outlet where we had a mooch around the shops. I had a look for a good book to read but left empty handed.

There is a large section cordoned off and converted into a mini beach, so the girls enjoyed playing there and T dipped in and out of it. There is also an outdoor play park, which the children enjoyed having a play at.

The oven was successfully cleaned this morning (after leaving the stuff working over night, but I did not get round to sorting my wardrobe. I do need to do that though and so I will do it tomorrow.

Some of my order from simply be arrived today, although they have sent the wrong colour shoes so they have had to go back. I have been quite daring and have bought high heels. I say daring, as I always used to wear heels, but they do tend to hurt my feet now. I want to try to get back into wearing them again.

Tomorrow is definitely a stay at home day – I want to have a day where I avoid spending money if I can!

I don’t know what to title this…

…because the last time it was the holidays and I wanted to make the most of my time, I used the titles ‘Day One’ etc. I did something similar during the Easter holidays too and therefore I do not want to repeat it, but do want to mark the passing of the days. Something to think about another day.

Today, we went into town and I go something for T’s birthday and my anniversary card for the hubby.

I cooked a lovely tea and tried to get ahead of the washing that has accumulated over the past few weeks. I am pleased with how tidy the house is. The oven is being cleaned tonight and tomorrow I was to do the shoe cupboard (hubby will have to do this as the potential for spiders is too great!) I also want to sort my clothing cupboard tomorrow.

I did do some school work – organising the new classes for class dojo in September.