Cardiff Holiday -Day three

Today, we went to the Doctor Who Experience. This is a fabulous place that is very accommodating to visitors with special needs.


Blog Challenge Day Twenty Three – A letter to someone. Anyone.

The Titanic

April 1912


Dearest wife.

                   We have now been at sea for a full day and I am just beginning to get used to the movement of the water and the noise from the vast ship.

                   We left Southampton yesterday, with what seemed like surely thousands of people on the dock waving goodbye. It was hard to say goodbye to mother and father, but the thought of returning to you kept me strong. There was some excitement as we left, it seemed that one of the boats docked alongside the Titanic set adrift as the ship took off. I thought that we would surely crash, but fortunately a tug pulled the boat to one side. Now, I know that this news might make you worry my darling, however it is important to remember that this boat is world class and practically unsinkable!

                   Life on board is very relaxed. My cabin is exquisite. I have a 4 poster bed in my state room and the room even has its own bathroom! The bed, which has a feathered quilt, is perhaps the most comfortable I have ever slept on! Entertainment is plentiful on board. On the day we set sail, I enjoyed the new gymnasium (the horses are world class!) and tomorrow I plan on using the swimming pool! Who would have thought that such luxuries could be at sea?

               Unexpectedly, I find the food on board to be the widest of selections, however a ship this size is more than capable of containing enough food to feed a small country I am sure! I have been told that tonight’s meal shall contain 10 courses and I must say I am quite worried that you shall not recognise me when we meet again, after this fine dining! I hear the lamb is particularly delightful and so feel sure I will try that.

               I must leave this letter now my darling as the gentleman in the next room, Mr Ismay, has challenged me to a game of quoits on deck. I will see you soon, there is talk of us arriving in New York as soon as the 16th!

                                             All my love,

Cardiff Holiday – Day one

It was nice to be able to surprise T for his birthday. We have come to Cardiff to visit the Dr Who Experience for a final time (it closes on 9th September) as well as visit some more filming locations.

Top left to right: three pictures from ‘The Family of Blood’ (other who episodes were filmed here too such as ‘Vincent’. The entrance of Rose’s flat seen in ‘Rose’.

Bottom Left to right: Ed’s Diner (used in ‘The Impossible Astronaut’) and Ianto’s shrine (Torchwood) and the water tower that hides a secret entrance to the Torchwood Hub as well as where the TARDIS landed in Boom Town.