Back on track

After allowing my productive tendencies to slide for the past few days, I finally feel like I am back on it. I have been into school today to meet with my partner teacher, I needed to discuss the lessons that we would be teaching.

After doing a small bit of grocery shopping, we cam home and I have tied the house. I have done the washing of the floors, hovering / dusting of the woodwork, cleaned the toilet, the cat bowl and mat, tied the front room, hovered the stairs, sorted the washing and did a whole load of ironing.

Hubby has been in a foul mood today. He gets like this when he is tied, not that he has been doing much. He has put in 8 hours of overtime this week (on top of the 16 hours he normally works) which makes up for the 8 hours he lost when he was off work. Hopefully he might do a few more so that we can be slightly ahead money wise as we come into the holiday months. He was also complaining because he feels he’s been doing a lot of ‘toing and froing’ but unfortunately, he does not realise that this is just part of being an adult – if your child need help, then you should help them and playing games comes second. He has barely done anything around the house this holiday, it has been left to me. I think there is going to be a point in time soon where I am going to walk out of the house for some ‘me’ time.

I dread to think how he’d cope without me being here.


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