Money makes the world go round

And I just don’t have enough of it.

I hate worrying about money. I hate having to live month to month. I hate not being able to buy something without worry. This year we have new uniform to get for the children (I have luckily had lots of support from my parents with this) and supplies for secondary school.  It is the eldest two’s birthday within this pay period and things are just getting on top of me. What with it being the summer and the expectation being there that we do things with the children, the purse strings are very much feeling it.

We have decided to take a small break. We are going to Cardiff for two days (sharing a hotel room between all 5 of us) and visiting the Dr Who Experience for T’s birthday.  The visit itself isn’t too bad (£90 for the hotel, £44 for the Experience) but it is all the added extras… breakfast (£40), lunch for 2 days (£50) tea for two days (£70) and then all the extras that the children ask for.

I hate having months like this where there is so much going out. I question everything that I want- can I afford to get my hair cut this month for example (it’s been nigh on a year now since it was last done)?

I think the idea will be to make sure that I have carefully budgeted everything else, meals and all sorts to ensure that we have enough money to last.

Hubby has also been doing a little bit of overtime and so hopefully, this will help.

I find myself wishing days away when I get into situations like this – I don’t want to be doing that during the school holidays. It is too precious!


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