The city that won my heart

It is so hard to write about the traumatic events that unfolded on Monday night, so this might be a bit fragmented.

Hubby is quite good at those “Oh my God!” moments, like those facebook posts where people post half a status that drives people crazy. He’ll often have an outburst which leaves me repeating “What? What?” a thousand times before he reveals something mundane. Not Tuesday morning at 5am though. It was quickly followed by “There has been a bomb attack in Manchester.” The girl who will hit the snooze button more times than she cares to admit, was immediately awake and the news went on and her heart died a little.

For these lives to have ended in such a cruel way was such cowardice. Such hatred.

The news reported that 19 lives had been lost. Then 22. There is the potential for more as over 55 people remain injured, many critical.

How strange though that term ‘lost’. Those lives weren’t lost – they were stolen.

The day saw my social media feed filled with please for help. ‘Have you seen…?’ or ‘Do you know…’ People who were missing. Today saw those faces slowly appear on the news, confirmed as dead. My brain will not allow me to process, to dwell, on the pain that their families must feel.

Hatred will now win, after all ‘love conquers all’.

Nearly there

Only 4 more gets up and then it is half term.

This half term at school has been immense. We had only been back at school for 3 hours when we got the call from Ofsted – they were coming to inspect. Whilst it wasn’t brilliant, it wasn’t horrendous either.

We were notified at the end of the last half term that they were looking for teachers to take redundancy (can’t remember if I wrote about it?). I have found out that my job is safe, although that term is always relative.

Things seem to have settled down in terms of my moods. I am not longer needing anti-depressants to keep going but I know that I may suffer from it again.

Once half term is done, there will only be 34 school days left until the summer holidays. Roll on…

May Day 

Happy May 1st! A proper bank holiday as I get to have the day off separately, all other bank holidays are included in school holidays!

I was super excited to get a new nice comment on my fan fiction ‘blood will out’ yay!

Day 30

Your favourite song.

I don’t have one! I cannot narrow it down to just one. Is that unusual? What about you – what is your favourite song?

Day 28

A picture of myself last year and how I have changed since.

No picture again I’m afraid. I haven’t changed much in a year unfortunately.

Day 27

Why are you doing the blogging challenge?

To encourage me to write! Sometimes I feel like I blog about the same thing over and over, so hopefully this has given a little variety!

Powerful weather

We have just had a thunderstorm. I say, thunderstorm, because we have had a few flashes of lightning and a few rumbles of thunder. It made me think back to when I was younger. The weather seemed so much more extreme then.

It was brilliantly hot in the summer – we’d play out for hours. We’d stand barefooted on manhole covers and see how long we could last… summers were endless. It barely rained, but when it did, it RAINED! The storms we had would last for hours and would be the most spectacular show. Snow would lay heavy and deep!

Day 26

What do you think about your friends?

I have a lot of ‘friends’ but no one that I would consider a proper good friend. Not a best friend that I could hang with, confide in, trust.

I find this quite a shame.