Blog Challenge Day Nineteen – a list of all the places you’ve lived at.

Northampton – Manchester – Doncaster


Pay Day

Yay! I can finally get all the final bits that we need ready for back to school, which will be a relief. I have decided to e bay some items to help with the cash flow.

Pay day tomorrow

Whoop whoop! Pay day tomorrow.

That being said, I have pretty much everything taken anyhow.

I will have £585 to last the month, although I do not need to get too much petrol out of that.

Out goings are:

£90 groceries (which, aside from fresh foods like bread, fruit etc) will last the month.

£90 for the hotel

£50 for hair cuts for me and the children (I really need it, or else I would forego this. It probably won’t come to £50).

£35 for some items from Amazon

Which leaves £320.

I figure that, whilst away, we’ll need about £170 to each over the two/three days that we are away.

So I will then have about £150 left to last the rest of the month.


I’ve been so lazy

The past two days I have really struggled to get to sleep at a decent hour. Last night it was gone 1.30am, the night before gone 3.30am.

This is not unusual – this is something that generally happens to me when it is the holidays.

This means that I have not been getting up til late. Argh! I hate this. I want to do stuff!