Fan Fiction

So, I have completed my first fan fiction: The Hardest Lesson. I am really proud of what I have written. It isn’t perfect by any means, and I am currently going back through, adding bits, making tweaks and generally making it a little better here and there. At 51 chapters and 47,000 words, it isn’t a short story by any means. Why not have a read and let me know what you think?


Half term is here!

So, half term is here and I am blessed with a whole week away from school, although not a whole week school free as I still have work to do, but more on that later.

I have to say, this could not have come at a better time. We still have not been visited by ofsted, which is probably a good thing because we are still all up in the air in terms of staffing. My mood is a little more stable. I have been to the doctor who has prescribed medication to help me. I have had my first counselling session, where I was advised to speak to occupational health. I still need to make sure that that is done.  Nevertheless, the tablets have stopped my crying and I am feeling less of the symptoms – the hand shakes and shortness of breath appear to have disappeared.

At my counselling session they assessed my level of depression and anxiety. On a score out of 27, I scored 22 which is a very high level and I was advised to take some time off from work. The problem with that is there is always that feeling that you have to go back. Equally, my anxiety level scored 18/21. I think the counsellor was pretty amazed that I was still functioning and the only thing that stopped me from being signed off was the fact that half term was coming up.

Again, I am determined to make the most of the time that lays ahead of me this week; I want to make sure that my school work does not dominate my week and so I have a job list:

  • Guided reading planning
  • Support plans
  • Hook day planning
  • Topic planning
  • Literacy planning
  • Parental overview
  • Topic book marking and writing assessment

I *think* that is it.

I plan on having lazy days, doing a bit of writing, painting and maybe bullet journaling, seeing as they seem to have gone on the way side.