The week that lasts a fortnight

This is currently my life. Every week seems to drag. I am none the nearer to getting out of my job, but I am nearer to leaving; Thursday almost saw me resign without a job to go to. I need to get on with being able to drive so I shall be buying myself a provisional license and looking into automatic driving lessons.

I had forgotten about allowing myself time to relax and unwind and so I have got back into writing my Sherlock fan fiction. I have completed 35 chapters to date and is drawing nearer to it’s conclusion. I have to say that, after a few months of writing The Hardest Lesson I am going to be sorry to see the story finished! I have 17 ‘likes’ or Kudos as it is called but some comments would be good too. The plot might be a little fluffy, I just hope that people have enjoyed reading it and it has provided some simple escapism for some as it did me when I wrote it.

I am off to the doctor on Tuesday. I feel the need to talk through my issues with the doctor  regarding my mental wellbeing. I need to develop a backbone. I wonder if they can do that on the NHS.


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